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Sapphires – One off the list!

A few weeks ago I went to Philipsburg Montana.  This trip was hands down one of the best times of my life, well at least adult life!

There are many places to go and ‘buy dirt’.  I was able to get this fine booty :


Well over 17 ct.

A blast of a trip and one item off my list.  Let me tell you, the people on your trip make all the difference, and this topped it so far.

Want more information on where to go, what to do, where to eat or see?! Post a reply and I’ll try to get what ever I can to you.

– Rob


Hey all! Long time no type. 

I just added this new category, ADVENTURE.  For those of you that know me, I like to dream more then I like to act.  Its time to change that!  Here is my list of things I want to do, see and places to visit.  Will I knock anything off this list?  We’ll see.  I’ll post the results here!

Costa Rica (The whole country!)
Russia (At the very least, Moscow and St. Petersburg).
MT Rushmore
Grand Canyon
Ariel Wa – DB Cooper land! October 2008.
Area 51

Dig for/mine:
Dinosaur fossils
Sapphires – July 2007.

Want to do:
Air Combat usa
Make a documentry
Publish a magazine
Build a halfpipe
BMX Race
Tie some flies
Do some electronics projects
Sky Dive
Finish pilots licence
Learn Russian
Learn Spanish
Visit the Flight Museaum
Blake Island dinner
I’ll probably add to the list from time to time.  Have any suggestions on things I am missing out on?  POST EM!