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B&W Pictures

I’ve been screwing around with black and white photo’s for some time.  I take them in full color then filter with Photoshop.  I did not realize there are so many different methods for black and white!  Here is one I like.


Let me know what you think..

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More camping

This morning I upgraded my blog software so I could use this really cool iPhone application that allows me to blog anywhere, anytime!

So, here I am at 3:25 am, in the mountains! I do not have service here but I will upload this draft when I can.

I am normally passed out by now but we got a late start. It is a near full moon tonight so we could see without flashlights. It is also warn an peaceful tonight.

How can you have a bad night in the mountains!?

Florida – day 1.

It’s Sunday around noon. I am sitting at sea-tac waiting to board.

The flight from Seattle to Atlanta was a long one. I just boarded the plane to Fort Lauderdale and found that I was in first class.

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