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Carls Jr. Burgers

Want an AWESOME burger?  Get a Carls Jr. Six Dollar burger or a Big Carl!


Random photos.

Here are some pictures I was able to take this week. A couple my brother took with my camera, better angle.


This weekend was pretty nice so we decided to hit the old camp spot.  My friend did a little fishing but not have much luck.  It was pretty dang hot for a September day.

Fishing Spot

Fishing Spot

We hit the camp spot and decided to not even put up the tents it was so nice.  It got dark we had a nice fire and just hung out a couple of hours.

After the fire burnt out, I went to bed and was just staring off at the stars.  Around 4am I woke up to a sprinkle on the face.  Looking up I noticed that there were no more stars.  Uh-oh.  Within 2 minutes it was a storm!

We could have put up tarps or tents but decided just to pack it in and head home.  Even though we left way too early, it was still awesome to spend an evening out in the woods.

Near the campsite.

Near the campsite.

Awesome background.

I really like how the background in this photo came out.





Beach photo’s.

Here are a few shots I took at Seahurst beach today.






Great free software.

You do not always need to pay a bundle for software.  There are some GREAT packages out there that are free! Lets take a look at a few.

Open Office (http://www.openoffice.org/)
Open office is a free, open source software suite.  It can handle word processing, speadsheets, databases and more.  Works on various O/S’s and has many languages. It even offers support for other common software packages. It is easy to use and its free!

Gimp (http://www.gimp.org/)
A free image manipulation program.  Great for photo retouching and image authoring. Uses all popular image formats.

Have other suggestions?  Mail them to me!

Airports and the flu.

Since I have quit working in a traditional office enviroment, I’ve only been sick a hand full of times.  2009 has been the year of of the bug though!  I’ve caught the flu bug 2x this year, in May and this week.  Both times were after travel.  I know I caught the bugs at the airports.

I am for the most part a guy’s guy. I wipe my face on my sleeve, etc. However, I wash my hands religiously at air ports. Sit at the bottom of a escalator for 15-20 min.  Watch all the hands that touch the rails.  Even I get the urge to clean up.

Despite my best efforts, I have been down all week.  I came home last Thursday from Denver and was in bed from Sunday night though Tuesday night.  Its now Thursday evening and I still am not well, but, I can get around.

Next week I travel to Atlanta.  Wish me luck!

Does anyone have any travel related tips they can post here? I think my next step is hand sanitizer.  I hope this makes the difference!


Simple web based games.

I am not sure what is going on here, am I just getting old?  Bored? Expanding my horizons?  Call it what you will but I have been sucked in to playing web based games.  Sometimes I’ll search for java or flash games other times I’ll just browse the vast libraries on Facebook and Myspace.

Facebook - Yacht.

Facebook - Yacht.

What is it about these games that people love?  Is it that you can play from anywhere? Of course not work though.  Or is it just that they are fast and easy? Wait, can it be the top XX list?!

I guess as long as I do not waste my day away, it really does not matter.

On that note, what is your favorite game?!  Post a link!

– Robert

External Mac Battery

Hi all,

I travel a bit and my biggest problem is ending up at an airport where all the outlets have people camped out on them.

I was just checking out the net and found this:

External Mac battery.

External Mac battery.

The Hypermac external battery.  Does anyone have one of these bad boys?  Hear anything about them?


How do you make your favorite sandwich?

I am a pretty average guy when it comes to food. Not much I will not eat and not real picky. There are 2 things I very much enjoy, cheeseburgers and sandwiches!

The other day I got on a website and asked the question, “How do you make your favorite sandwich”? Here are the answers:

“a dessert sandwich, i guess. it is called a ‘grilled chocolate sandwich.’ you take crusty french bread, put some bittersweet chocolate on the inside. then rub butter on the outsides and grill it (either on a grill on cook it up in a frying pan). you sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and sugar on the outside, and serve with ice cream. ”

“Everyday love to eat sandwich
– two fresh slices of sourdough bread
– one side has mayo
– one side has pesto
– roasted turkey breast thinly sliced
– lots of crisp romaine
– two slices of tomatoes
– couples slices of avocado
– two slices of crisp bacon
– if you want cheese, i like swiss
– dill pickles on the side

Slightly above your normal sandwich
– rye bread or sourdough is OK too
– pastrami (warmed up)
– mustard on one side
– roasted garlic mayo on the other (in a small frying pan, heat up some olive oil and put in two cloves of garlic. just cook that for a few minutes on medium until the garlic is tender. take out the garlic and mash it up on some mayo)
– swiss cheese
– sauerkraut

Easy to make chicken salad
– get a whole cooked chicken from the market or wherever (shred up the breast meat only, not dark meat)
– finely diced red onion
– finely diced celery
– whole grain mustard
– squeeze some lemon juice
– some honey
– pinch of salt and pepper
– toasted slivered almonds
– arugula (or regular romaine is OK too)
– any kind of cheese you like
– tomatoes
– great on like a multi-grain, whole wheat bread

That garlic mayo goes well with a lot of sandwiches and burgers.”

“I don’t, I go to subway and buy a foot long meat ball marinara.

Although, I am partial to a wee piece and corn beef. Or corn dobbie as it can be called in Glasgow.”

What is YOUR best sammich design?!