Adventure List

Some of you may know this as a ‘life list’ or a ‘bucket list’, I prefer to call it an adventure list!  There was a post on this quite a while ago.  I have decided to give it a page since it deserves it.

Here is the list:


Death Valley CA (May 2011)

Arches UT (October 2010)
Carlsbad Caverns NM
Channel Islands CA
Redwoods CA (October 2010)
Yosimitie CA (October 2010)
Yellowstone (again)
Costa Rica (The whole country!)

Russia (At the very least, Moscow and St. Petersburg).
Tiwanaku and neighboring ruins.

MT Rushmore
Grand Canyon (October 2010)
Ariel Wa – DB Cooper land! October 2008.
Area 51 (October 2010)

AZ – Petrified Forrest.

Dig for/mine:
Dinosaur fossils
Sapphires – July 2007.

Want to do:
Air Combat usa
Make a documentry
Publish a magazine – April 2010. (Unexplained Paranormal Magazine).
Tie some flies
Do some electronics projects
Sky Dive
Learn Russian
Learn Spanish
Visit the Museum of Flight.
Blake Island dinner

Visit all 50 states.  The ones left:

– Rob

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