Airports and the flu.

Since I have quit working in a traditional office enviroment, I’ve only been sick a hand full of times.  2009 has been the year of of the bug though!  I’ve caught the flu bug 2x this year, in May and this week.  Both times were after travel.  I know I caught the bugs at the airports.

I am for the most part a guy’s guy. I wipe my face on my sleeve, etc. However, I wash my hands religiously at air ports. Sit at the bottom of a escalator for 15-20 min.  Watch all the hands that touch the rails.  Even I get the urge to clean up.

Despite my best efforts, I have been down all week.  I came home last Thursday from Denver and was in bed from Sunday night though Tuesday night.  Its now Thursday evening and I still am not well, but, I can get around.

Next week I travel to Atlanta.  Wish me luck!

Does anyone have any travel related tips they can post here? I think my next step is hand sanitizer.  I hope this makes the difference!


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