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Simple Banner Rotation in WordPress.

Have a wordpress blog and want to rotate some banners or photos?  Here is a quick and dirty way.

Go to wordpress.org and find a a widget that allows you to post PHP code.  Once you find one you like install it. You can then go to your ->Appearance ->widgets section.  I put the widget in my sidebar.  Once there you can click on the widget and it probably have a Title field which you can call it “Ads” or what ever you need.  Then it will have a text area where you can add some code.  There just put this in:


$bannerAd[1] = ‘<a href=”http://www.destinationlink/” target=”_BLANK”><img src=”/images/ad1.png”></a>’;

$bannerAd[2] = ‘<a href=”http://www.destinationlink/” target=”_BLANK”><img src=”/images/ad1.png”></a>’;

$adCount = count($bannerAd);
$randomAdNumber = mt_rand(1, $adCount);
echo $bannerAd[$randomAdNumber];


You can add more by just coping and pasting more of the “$banner….” block of code.  Don’t forget to increment the number that is in the [ ]’s.

Hope it helps!

Finding large files in Linux.

I have a couple of web servers and the disc keeps filling.  I know, manager them!  Here is a little trick to find the large offenders if you are going through the same thing.

# du -a /var | sort -n -r | head -n 10

That line will show you the top 10 largest file/directories is taking up the most space in a /var directory/file system.  If you want to search other directories, just modify the /var path to the path you wish to search.

Hope it helps someone!


A long year.

WOW, it has been over a year since I’ve last posted.  To be honest, I forgot about this site.

It has been a crazy yet refreshing new year.  I’ve recently got back in to web scripting which has been a BLAST.  I’ve also had to leave my job. I’ll miss that place but I feel so much better stress wise.

I plan to do more updates here.  One thing I want to do more of is reviews and maybe travel tips. I play with new gadgets often so maybe I can pass some useful information off to you readers.

Type at you later,



Airports and the flu.

Since I have quit working in a traditional office enviroment, I’ve only been sick a hand full of times.  2009 has been the year of of the bug though!  I’ve caught the flu bug 2x this year, in May and this week.  Both times were after travel.  I know I caught the bugs at the airports.

I am for the most part a guy’s guy. I wipe my face on my sleeve, etc. However, I wash my hands religiously at air ports. Sit at the bottom of a escalator for 15-20 min.  Watch all the hands that touch the rails.  Even I get the urge to clean up.

Despite my best efforts, I have been down all week.  I came home last Thursday from Denver and was in bed from Sunday night though Tuesday night.  Its now Thursday evening and I still am not well, but, I can get around.

Next week I travel to Atlanta.  Wish me luck!

Does anyone have any travel related tips they can post here? I think my next step is hand sanitizer.  I hope this makes the difference!


Another adventure list item GONE! Ariel.

Well, I was FINALLY able to go visit the Ariel.  There is not much there, mostly the store that is famous for its D.B. Cooper Days.  I had first seen it on a documentary on TV.  I hope to go back for their annual event.

Here are a few photos:


More camping

This morning I upgraded my blog software so I could use this really cool iPhone application that allows me to blog anywhere, anytime!

So, here I am at 3:25 am, in the mountains! I do not have service here but I will upload this draft when I can.

I am normally passed out by now but we got a late start. It is a near full moon tonight so we could see without flashlights. It is also warn an peaceful tonight.

How can you have a bad night in the mountains!?

Florida – day 1.

It’s Sunday around noon. I am sitting at sea-tac waiting to board.

The flight from Seattle to Atlanta was a long one. I just boarded the plane to Fort Lauderdale and found that I was in first class.

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Gold panning!

I got the bug a few years back to try my hand at gold panning.  I went out a few times and I have the bottom of a bottle covered in flake.  Not too bad, not enough to do anything with though.

Decided to day to hit the river for a bit.  Checked the manual/guide and the river was open for panning! 

 Gold Panning

People say its a bit of work to pan for gold.  I saw that if you have an office like this,

 The area.

.. That work is not all bad!  Anyone reading this pan?  Let me know!


So much for…

So much for trying to keep up to date!  I has been a few months since my last post.  Does anyone here read these? Heh.  If so, post a comment!




I am not sure about anyone else out there, but one of the best things in life is waking up in the mountains.  I guess sitting around the campfire, talking with friends and staring at the bright night stars are right up there too. 

Here is the view:

 Morning view