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Ohh my, a Herfy’s burger!


Herfy's Double



Not too long ago I went to Herfy’s.  It was a hard decision but I finally went with the double cheeseburger combo. 

Let me tell you something, they did NOT let me down!  

Not only was this awesome burger perfectly cooked, it came with some of the best



fries that I have ever had.  Not only were they top notch, the dipping sauce was awesome as well.  I do not get excited about the spuds often, but I did on this day!

What else can I say?  Awesome burger, great fries. Its a burger fan dream come true. 

Now for the nitty gritty!

Pros: Decent price, well cooked, awesome fries, dipping sauce, generous amount of cheese.

Cons: I let half the burger sit while I destroyed fries and the wrapper stuck to it a bit. A pain but it could have been worse.

On the 10 scale, I’d have to give this dining treat an 8.

Had this one before?  Comment and let me know your thoughts!



The Double

The Double