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A site for iPhone photography.

I have been hooked on this new (to me) website, http://www.thebestcamera.com/. It is a site that works in conjunction with your iPhone and a custom application.

You take a photo, you can apply some filters and upload it to the site (as well as your twitter and facebook if you so choose). People visiting the website can vote on your photo.

I downloaded it, did a shot and uploaded. I may be hooked. Here is my profile page, vote for one of my photo’s if you ever see one that is worthy.


Double vision.

I was walking past the TV stand and noticed the light was on it.  I dropped my bottle on it and snapped a shot.  Here is how it came out:

Soda w/reflection.

Soda w/reflection.

Beach photo’s.

Here are a few shots I took at Seahurst beach today.






Its Fall!
A taste of fall

A taste of fall

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.” – Stanley Horowitz

I am not sure what it is about fall, the cooler weather, the myriad of color or just all the holidays to come. It is the best time of year for me.

I could spend hours just wandering around, looking up at the trees and taking a picture or two.

What is your favorite time of year?  Comment!