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How do you make your favorite sandwich?

I am a pretty average guy when it comes to food. Not much I will not eat and not real picky. There are 2 things I very much enjoy, cheeseburgers and sandwiches!

The other day I got on a website and asked the question, “How do you make your favorite sandwich”? Here are the answers:

“a dessert sandwich, i guess. it is called a ‘grilled chocolate sandwich.’ you take crusty french bread, put some bittersweet chocolate on the inside. then rub butter on the outsides and grill it (either on a grill on cook it up in a frying pan). you sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and sugar on the outside, and serve with ice cream. ”

“Everyday love to eat sandwich
– two fresh slices of sourdough bread
– one side has mayo
– one side has pesto
– roasted turkey breast thinly sliced
– lots of crisp romaine
– two slices of tomatoes
– couples slices of avocado
– two slices of crisp bacon
– if you want cheese, i like swiss
– dill pickles on the side

Slightly above your normal sandwich
– rye bread or sourdough is OK too
– pastrami (warmed up)
– mustard on one side
– roasted garlic mayo on the other (in a small frying pan, heat up some olive oil and put in two cloves of garlic. just cook that for a few minutes on medium until the garlic is tender. take out the garlic and mash it up on some mayo)
– swiss cheese
– sauerkraut

Easy to make chicken salad
– get a whole cooked chicken from the market or wherever (shred up the breast meat only, not dark meat)
– finely diced red onion
– finely diced celery
– whole grain mustard
– squeeze some lemon juice
– some honey
– pinch of salt and pepper
– toasted slivered almonds
– arugula (or regular romaine is OK too)
– any kind of cheese you like
– tomatoes
– great on like a multi-grain, whole wheat bread

That garlic mayo goes well with a lot of sandwiches and burgers.”

“I don’t, I go to subway and buy a foot long meat ball marinara.

Although, I am partial to a wee piece and corn beef. Or corn dobbie as it can be called in Glasgow.”

What is YOUR best sammich design?!